With the arts as a canvas, artists as performers and the most creative minds as planners, we don’t just help plan your banquet, conference, wedding or event…. we help perform it!

The Artful Event

Employ our advanced electronics, lighting, amazing audio/video and tech savvy teams to enhance presentations and services.

Infuse your guests with a sense of energy and accomplishment with our creative applications and solutions for memorable, creative experiences and conference environments.

From the outlandish to the innovative, Art Ovation Hotel is your secret for success.

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A Big Stage

Our staff are professionals performing on more than of varied entertainment venue spaces. Select the level of service and staging for your event and then select from our multiple event venues.

  • Crescendo 1 (520 SQ FT)
  • Crescendo 2 (533 SQ FT)
  • Crescendo 3 (510 SQ FT)
  • Crescendo 4 (504 SQ FT)
  • Crescendo 5 (504 SQ FT)
  • Crescendo 6 (495 SQ FT)
  • Crescendo 7 (3043 SQ FT)
  • Grand Crescendo (6109 SQ FT)
  • Boardroom (338 SQ FT)

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Luxury Celebrations

Transform the day into an unforgettable celebration. Whether it’s an intimate gathering with 360º city views or a grand ballroom transformed into a modern fairytale for hundreds of guests, we set the standard for romance, elegance and lasting impressions.

  • Spectacular wedding packages available
  • Wedding party entertainment and excursion packages
  • Wedding spa, hair and nail packages

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Friends and Resources

Friends are everything... Almost! resources and amazing things happen. As our guest, let us introduce you to our great "friends with resources" for you to explore, learn, create and discover.

  • Integrated team building experiences
  • Unique access to artists and performers
  • Special guests and artists engagements
  • Artisan classes and lectures

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